Legal Again

Last night I finished my flying club-required annual review, spending an hour demonstrating the various take off and landing types. Did a pretty good job with the short-field, and the soft-field takeoff, but had to do a few soft-field landings before they were really good enough. The airport got crazily busy for a while, we were getting instructions to climb towards the tower, make ultra-short approaches, go-arounds and so on. A lot of traffic for about 15 minutes and then it died down. Pretty good fun though, and its good to be legal again.

New Flying Site Coming Soon

Been planning on this one for a while but finally gotten to the point where I want to do it – will be a bulletin board site where San Diego pilots can share trip ideas, routes, problems and, most importantly, find trip buddies and safety pilots. Nothing there yet, but look out for it soon.

An Update!

Well, this hasn’t exactly been the most happening of blogs largely due to the fact that I have barely been flying this year. Up until yesterday I had only sat in the left seat four times this year, so I decided it was time for some cobweb-dusting-off training. Oh, and my flying club requires me to get an annual checkout and that was due ages ago, totally forgot about it.

So yesterday was part one of two. Went out over East County and went through all the basic stuff like stalls, steep turns, emergency landings. Amazingly it went very well, perhaps I should not fly more often? It went so well I even enjoyed the stalls, including the power-on ones. Maybe it was the heat? After that we went to Gillespie Field for some touch and goes which went ok after I got settled into it and then back to Montgomery Field.

Monday we will finish up by going over the various takeoff and landing types, plus a review of the regulations, and then I’ll be legal again to rent the planes. Currently in the planning process are a trip to Vegas with a co-worker or two, and a trip to Show Low, Arizona with Teri.