A Plane I Would Like

So there are planes I would buy depending on the level of new found wealth I might enjoy (i.e. I win the lottery) but here’s one that is actually somewhat within my reach. Its certified for the sport pilot certificate and isn’t currently IFR certified (though it could be) but I think its very cool, and its only around $90k.

Flight Design CT

Read more about it on their website. And if you want to buy one for me, send me an email so I can arrange to pick it up.

Fight The ADIZ!

The Post 9/11 Air Defence Zone around Washington DC was supposed to be a temporary measure to protect the nation’s capitol but the FAA has recently proposed to make it permanent. Further, there are legislators trying to pass laws that would make it a serious crime to violate the ADIZ, with penalties higher than many “real” crimes! Whilst I’m not sure how realistic, there are fears that, if implemented, we’ll see much of the current Class B airspace shut down in this manner and therefore pilots need to make a stand.

To this end, I encourage you to go to AOPA’s Operation ADIZ webpage and leave the FAA a comment. Now, the TSA didn’t care about the comments when implementing the alien flight training rule so I don’t have much hope that the FAA will listen either, but it might be worth a few words.