New Feature – My Airports

There is a new tab at the top of the page – Airports which will show you a spiffy map of the places I’ve landed. For almost 300 hours of flying, I don’t seem to have been to very many fields.

I’ve made some changes to the site and the airports page has now become part of the Trip Reports tab. I’ve also updated the map to show which airports have associated reports to go with them, so it seemed logical to move it.

2 thoughts on “New Feature – My Airports”

  1. This is cool! I like the idea of tracking the airports you’ve been to. How did you get google ‘to cooperate’?

  2. Check out the google maps API, and then look at the source code of the page to steal some code. All you need is the lat/long of the airport which I got from the AFD. Feel free to ask questions if you need a hand.

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