Lenticular Clouds

Sandwiched between here in Brawley and San Diego is a little mountain range of about 5500 feet or so at its peak. This regularly means that travel between here and there, whether by plane or car, can be a little bumpy. Coming back from lunch today I looked to the west and could see two perfect looking lenticular clouds. To pilots that means strong winds and likely nasty turbulence so it was no surprise when a couple of hours later it was blowing a treat outside in the yard.

The closest weather-reporting airport to here is Imperial and a look at the METARs show the winds from 270° at 27 knots gusting to 33 knots. All the airports on the other side of the hills are showing 6 – 8 knot winds, so I think we would not be enjoying the flight home if we up there today.

Lenticular Cloud
[Image from Wikipedia]