Instrument Current Again

With the new job starting soon I wanted to get my instrument currency back and scheduled some simulator time with my favourite CFI. It didn’t go too well on the simulator last time as the controls were very sensitive but this time I got the light touch just right most of the time. We set the clouds to a solid overcast so that each approach would end up going missed.

We started by taking off from MYF, vectors to the VOR approach at SDM, missed approach. Once on the missed, we zapped over to SEE and did vectors to the LOC approach there followed by a missed again. From there we shifted to OKB and did some holds in the published turn, the VOR approach once again to the missed. After that, I was positioned for vectors to the ILS at CRQ, this time I did break out for a landing but did the missed anyway with vectors back to a landing at MYF.

For those of you counting thats only 5 approaches, we didn’t fit the 6th one in. However, when I updated my online logbook it said I was now current until the end of May; I had overlooked 3 approaches at the end of the last year so 5 was just perfect. Its good to be ifr current again.

2 thoughts on “Instrument Current Again”

  1. It’s cool that you have a logbook that tells you whether you are current or not. I have a hard time keeping track of the number of approaches, holds etc. I need. Do you have a link to the site? I tried clicking on the link embedded in the post but it didn’t work for me. Also, perhaps you could have a look at my site, and, if you like it, put a link to it from your site. Cheers, Matthew

  2. Looks like Dan has database connection problems with his logshare application, hopefully he’ll get it up and running again soon. When it works, you can just go to for the main page.

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