Getting Back Into Things

The next few weeks should see me back in the saddle. I have two sessions booked with my CFI for a combined BFR and annual flying club review. We will do (at least) one approach under the hood so by the end of that I will be fully current, except for the night flying. I’m tempted to go up this evening and take care of that but we’ll see how I feel by then: sunset is 7.59.

My medical expires at the end of August. Now that I am over 40, I will be on the two year renewal schedule. Not sure who to see this time. My last AME was in Palm Springs, an old guy who was hugely popular for medicals, a conveyor belt of people going in and out. My recollection of the exam was chatting about places we had flown to and the colour eye-sight test that is required for the 2nd class cert. The previous guy was very different, did a bunch of tests including a urine test which I assume was for diabetes. None of what he did was required and I assume was just a way to charge me more than he needed to. Now I’m working in San Diego again I don’t want to travel to Palm Springs but at the same time don’t want another expensive, and over the top, exam.