A Happy Sagitarian

I’m a Sagitarius so if I think about it, it should be no surprise that I really liked flying the Archer these last two days. Much like the 182, it felt a lot more solid than the 172 and its handling in the air was just a joy. The fact that all my landings were total greasers doesn’t hurt my impression, either. There are some cons of course: the lever-operated flaps; the single door, climb over the seats entry and exit, and the mandatory fuel selector usage will take some time to get used to. But I think I have found a new favourite plane.

Last night we practiced IFR work in the Archer, some holds at Oceanside, the VOR approach and then the ILS at Montgomery Field, even did some partial panel en route. The electric trim is great (though I am sure I overuse it as its so easy) and, once trimmed, the plane stayed right on the glideslope all the way from the intercept. Made it much easier to weave my way back and forth across the localiser! I’ve booked the plane for some cross country flying for the Labor Day weekend.

Medical Renewed

Just back from seeing the AME for my new medical certificate. As I expected, no problems anywhere though I did make a couple of tiny mistakes on the vision test, more because I was going too fast than any problem, I think. I have been told to expect my 20/20 vision to deteriorate rapidly now I am 40 so maybe this is the beginning! Anway, I have clearance for another two years, now to think what to do with them…. first though, tonight is the first of two lessons to transistion me to the Archer. I might become a low wing guy.

Flying Club Prop Strikes

My flying club has had two prop strikes in two weeks recently, both in a Beech Duchess, leaving only one of our three twin-engineed planes in service. I don’t have any of the details other than one occurred at Oshkosh and the other locally at Montgomery Field. I expected both to appear in the NTSB accident database but so far I don’t see anything. I don’t know anything about these planes so I don’t know whether they have awkward landing characteristics (like the Cardinal) or if its just an unlucky coincidence. Either way, its a club rule that you have to write about your event in the club newsletter so all will possibly be revealed later in the year.