4 Approaches

My IFR currency expires at the end of the month and, according to logshare.com, I need 4 more to extend it until the end of February. Our simulated IFR currency rides are usually three approaches: the “south pattern” of the VOR approach at Brown Field, the LOC at Gilliespie, and the ILS at Montgomery; or the “north pattern” which is holding at Oceanside VOR followed by the VOR approach into Oceanside, the ILS at Carlsbad, and the ILS at Montgomery.

So I’ve been trying to think how best to fit in one extra. Carlsbad is a natural choice by extending northwards from Gilliespie, or perhaps even doing Calsbad, Gillispie, Brown and then home. But recently SoCal has not been allowing low approaches at Carlsbad and I really don’t want to do a full stop and then back up. Or, how about a brand new approach – the VOR into Ramona, a little out of the way and almost certainly a bad idea in the current Santa Ana winds. Nah, I think it will probably be the south pattern with a missed approach at Montgomery and back around for another go. Flight is set up with my safety pilot Serge on the 27th.