Back in Town

I’m not sure anyone reads this blog these days (if they ever did!) but in case anyone was wondering where I’ve been recently, the answer is Tokyo! I was sent there by Sony to do performance testing on the new Playstation 3 for the Japanese launch next week. Having now had my hands on the real thing rather than the test units we have in San Diego, I can say they are fantastic if you like games.

Had planned to be IFR and night current by now but the trip put a stop to that. I’m real jet lagged so not sure I will get back into the air next week. I’m going home to England for Thanksgiving so shall try to get back up at least once before then.

Didn’t see a single small plane the whole time in Japan.

2 thoughts on “Back in Town”

  1. Welcome back. That flight to Tokyo and back is a killer. I did it a few weeks ago. Good luck getting some flying in. I think I’m going to try and get to PHX or VGT on Friday.


  2. Thanks, biggest problem was the flight was coming back via Dallas! Added a good 5hrs to my trip.

    VGT is always fun, not been to PHX yet. Have fun!

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