A Failure to See and Avoid

Amazing to think that no one was killed in this accident in which a plane landed on top of another just as it had touched down.

Another report I read reported that the accident pilot was transmitting on the wrong frequency and so did not hear the earlier pilot announce that he was on final, also. Obviously the second plane was on a higher path than the first and, being a low wing it would have been difficult to see beneath him. Either way, its incredible to think that at no time did he see the other guy. One of the dangers of uncontrolled airfields!

2 thoughts on “A Failure to See and Avoid”

  1. Looks like someone just had his/her desire for a “Twin Bonanza” fulfilled. Yes, this one is amazing. That no one was injured, and that the planes were the same low wing type. Usually when one plane lands atop of another (or comes close) its more likely to be a low winger coming down on a high winger. Always expect the unexpected when coming into a uncontrolled field. I would love to find out if these pilots adhered to the expected pattern used at that airport.

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