Commercial Written Update

I’m still doing my near-daily practice tests over lunch, had a couple of 96% scores and most recently settled in the high 80s so I think I am ready. Just need to find the time to get to the test centre. Things that always stump me, no matter how much I try to remember:

  • location and effect of the jet stream in summer
  • glider towing currency requirements
  • fog types and effects

In some good news, some stock options I had in my previous company are being purchased and are enough to pay off my current car loan, thereby opening up the possibility of a few hours of extra flight time each month.

5 thoughts on “Commercial Written Update”

  1. There’s a book I highly recommend: “Everything Explained for the Commercial Pilot”.

    It’s a tacky looking book that you’ve probably seen, but were not immediately impressed by. Don’t judge the book by its cover. This book will help you immensely. It lists for $59.95, but you can find it on eBay for less.

    It’s like a Cliff’s Notes for flying.

    Good luck with the studying.

    By the way, are you using Gleim test prep software? It really helps too.


  2. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out. Yeah, I used the Gleim software to get started but my daily tests are using the online practice exams on the Sportys website. My Gleim is a little out of date. But I agree with Gleim, got me through both my Private and Instrument exams.

  3. Sounds like you’re in a really good place. I look forward to hearing of your successful official results soon!

  4. To remember the jet stream, think of it this way: When it moves North, it drags warm air from the Gulf of Mexico; when it moves South, it prevents warm Gulf air from traveling North. So, warm = spring = jet stream is north; cold = winter = jet stream is south.

  5. IFR Pilot – thats perfect! Now if only I could get explanations like that for all the other things. But, we can’t all be Krista and get near-100% scores 🙂

    Might pop in the flight school tomorrow or thu and see if they a test computer available, get this done.

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