Looking Forward to 2008

I’m not even going to bother reviewing 2007 as it sucked more than 2006 did. I was doing ok until some medical issues had me pretty much grounded from August onwards. Instead, I’ll do the usual ‘here are my aviation goals for next year’ and who knows, maybe I will achieve some of them this time?

  • Stay current on everything all year long
  • Make one cross country trip to Northern CA or out of state (and not Vegas)
  • Finish my Commercial certificate; I just need to iron some things out for a checkride
  • Win the AOPA Cardinal (and sell it for something I can afford to pay the tax on)

There, doesn’t that seem doable?? Anyway, wishing you all a Happy New Year and a safe 2008 in the skies.

Becoming a US Citizen This Friday

Not much to say flying-wise, I am still suffering from health issues that make it difficult for me to sit in a plane so the Commercial rating is for next year. However, the big news is that I am swearing the Oath of Allegiance this Friday the 14th and will become a US citizen. Apart from many benefits work-wise, I am excited that it will make additional ratings like the multi-engine easier to take. Not that I am sure I want to, but having to go through all the TSA hoops meant that I would never even consider it otherwise.