Gadget Overload

I’ve been looking at Foreflight Checklist as a possible addition to the virtual flight bag; as someone who flies several different types of plane it could have some value over buying several written checklists. But the problem is: where to put it?

There is no way I could go through the checklist whilst holding the iPhone so it needs to be mounted somewhere (much like the pilot in this video: I’ve also been looking at places to put my videocam to do make some better quality videos (the Flip Ultra doesn’t quite cut it, and has no audio in). I have the sticky pod mount that Student Pilot mentions but I also have another that has a much smaller footprint.

Then there is my Anywhere Travel Companion providing situational awareness on it’s moving map. It is usually mounted on the yolk except when I have an instrument chart there. Then it needs to go…. well, it could be mounted on the window too? They’ve recently released Pocket Plates which could make that problem go away, though it’s a pretty expensive way to do it (especially here in VFR SoCal).

I’m in danger of not being able to see out the window with all these gadgets in the way, this is obviously not a good thing. I wish I could get everything on one device.