2009 Goals

Once again we will dispense with the previous year’s review, just too depressing to see how little I flew last year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do the annual list of flying wishes for 2009….

  • Get current in all things again, and I mean night, IFR, high wing, low wing and complex and high-perf
  • Get checked out in the DA-40
  • Learn how to do GPS approaches
  • Make at least one Angel Flight mission
  • Win the AOPA airplane sweepstakes
  • Go on some interesting cross countries like Sedona or Big Bear

We’ll see how it goes this year and of course we wish you all a happy and safe 2009 in the skies.

5 thoughts on “2009 Goals”

  1. Hi,

    I’m working on some tutorials for AskaCFI.com showing how to do GPS approaches with the Garmin 430, 530, and G1000. Be sure to stop by and watch them when you are working on your “learn how to do GPS approaches”

    (of course they will be free)


  2. Three UK holidaymakers (couple early 50’s and lady aged 70) looking for a touristy day flight from San Diego area over Grand Canyon. We are available Sun 1.Feb 2009 thru Fri 6.Feb 2009 and Sun 8.Feb 2009. If anyone can do, please contact janet.walker@goodrich.com with contact info & price. Thanks much – Janet.

  3. Fuel prices have been coming down, so hopefully that will make flying a bit cheaper and allow you to put more hours in your logbook in ’09. Keep at it!! Flying on a crisp beautiful day like today is just unparalleled. Sure, it was a bit windy and turbulent, but the visibility was endless and the skies warm and clear. 🙂

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