My new PUMPS check

Almost seven years after getting my Private certificate I still have trouble with the GUMPS check. ‘G’ always seems to be “Gear” rather than “Gas” so when I get to the ‘U’ I’m, like, um, oh yeah that’s “Undercarriage”. So, I hit on a fine idea – from now on I shall perform a PUMPS check: “Petrol, Undercarriage, Mixture, Props, Seatbelts”. I think I’ll get that right each time. I think.

One thought on “My new PUMPS check”

  1. Even though I’m an anglophile, when did we suddenly switch to BritEnglish? Petrol, undercarriage … c’mon 🙂

    How about: Gear, Mixture, Props? Simple, easy, and American.

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