Any Tips for Video in the Plane?

I’m finally ready to take some video from the cockpit when I fly but wondered if anyone had any tips for what makes an enjoyable video, and what makes a really dull one. I’m also curious about whether you prefer to see the view right over the prop, or maybe you prefer the camera looking to the side of the nose ?

I’m going to mount my Aiptek GVS HD camera on the passenger side front glass, shoot at 720p and feed the COM into the camera so we have ATC chatter. The camera is pretty no frills but has done a really good job so far in my on the ground tests. But once it’s attached to the window I don’t plan to move it so no panning of the sky, or close up of what a great job I’m doing on the localiser backcourse approach 🙂

Anyway, any and all comments appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Any Tips for Video in the Plane?”

  1. I did a write-up on my camera mounts a couple of years ago:

    I think that suction cup mount could work well for you.

    I’d like to see video from the camera mounted on the wing. Get some 200mph tape (duct tape) and you’re golden. 😉 Camera above or below the wing, or on the strut; facing in at the fuselage, or out at the scenery. Even on the tail! In-cockpit video is cool, but only holds *my* attention for so long.

  2. Yeah, I definitely plan to have the camera pointing outwards, looking at the instruments isn’t very interesting for long.

  3. I prefer the view looking forward. But whatever you show, it’s the sounds that are most important to me. Many a great video has been ruined with music that the creator loved but which grated upon the ears of the listener. Keep the sounds of the flight, with ATC if you can get it. The engine and the chatter of the radio is the music of flight.

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