Papa Got a Brand New Bag

When I started flying lessons I bought my very first flight bag from the local Marv Golden store and a very good bag it is. But after getting my licence I realised it was just too big for the flying I was doing and dropped it in favour of a couple of different sports bags, neither designed for flying. I finally got tired of the mess inside it last week and ordered a new bag from Sportys – the IFR Flight Gear Bag.

It is so much better!

One odd thing though, for an “IFR bag” I am surprised that I can’t fit approach plates in the exterior chart pocket. Sectionals and en-route charts fit in there, but no room for a plate (when inside a protective cover). No biggie, it’s nice to have everything so much better organised, and easy to carry.

Ready to Copy! Deep Breath And….

I was at the airport tonight watching the traffic go around, listening to the radio, and it struck me (not for the first time) that most pilots like to read back their instrument clearance in one breath.

Cessna 1234 cleared to Brown Field after take off left turn 270 radar vectors Mission Bay VOR direct 3000 feet expect 400 feet 10 minutes after 119.6 and squawk is 5244

You literally hear the poor guy collapse at the end, gasping for breath. I know I am often guilty of this and actively try to pause after the route or altitudes part. I wonder why it is that we do this, and how it is that we never hear Clearance give us the clearance in this fashion – do they get special training?