Instrument Current Again

My 6 months lapsed at the end of April but a trip home to England got in the way of regaining my currency before today. I met my CFI at the Frasca 142 and 1.9 hours of ground trainer time later, I am current again for another 6 months.

  • MYF to the Oceanside VOR, a few turns around the hold before executing the VOR approach. Went pretty well except that simulator would not give us the Julian VOR for identifying one of the intersections en route.
  • Missed approach to Vista intersection, followed by the ILS at Carlsbad.
  • Missed approach and around to the localiser at Gillespie Field. Unfortunately we need Julian VOR to identify the timing point for the missed approach so to get around that my CFI worked out a radial from Poggy that kinda worked for us.
  • Missed approach, VOR approach into Brown Field. Not sure what went wrong but although the CFI said I was close to intercepting the radial the needle never came in and so we did an early missed approach and he brought me back around for another try. This one went much better.
  • Missed approach, LOC into Montgomery Field. It’s a fun one with many step downs and of course, they occur just as you get the plane back into level flight, makes for a lot of work.
  • Another missed approach and back around for the ILS to the usual awful landing (I don’t know why he always makes me land the thing).

So, current again until December 1st 2008.