Not Quite Instrument Current

Tonight I met Serge at the airport for his turn to suffer my simulated instrument flying. He seems to enjoy it though, go figure. I needed 4 approaches and, as said earlier, I planned to do two ILS approaches back at MYF. SoCal asked my intentions immeadiately on contact and I gave them my request. It took a while for them to get back to me so I wondered if I had confused them but it turned out he was working out what he could do, and that turned out to be the usual IFR to Brown and then practice VFR for the rest.

This is probably the last time I will do this circuit, it is just so fast and there is so little time to prepare for the next approach. It must be tough for the controllers too. Tonight I was given a 90 degree intercept onto the localiser at SEE, for the ILS at MYF it was a 45 degree one. In future I will fly IFR more often, but on short cross countries so I will get more time in between approaches.

When we got back to MYF the controller had forgotten my request and I was cleared to land so I didn’t get my 4th approach. Its possible to file MYF – MYF for a very short flight, I’ll try to do that next week.