What You Don’t Want to Hear on the Radio

Spent some time listening to the radio in the car park at Montgomery Field this evening. A plane was coming in from the west and was given a clearance to enter on a right downwind for 28R. It is important to know that almost adjacent to the airport on the north is Miramar Marine Corps Air Station….

MYF: Enter right downwind for 28R
Cessna-123: Downwind for 28R, airport in sight.

MYF: C123, immediate right turn 40 degrees
C123: Right turn 40 degrees

MYF: C123, you are in Miramar’s airspace, turn right 40 degrees NOW
C123: ok, ok, turning right

MYF: F-18s entering the pattern, you are in Class Bravo, turn NOW

The Cessna pilot got a little snippy with the controller so I wondered whether he would get an instruction to call the tower but he landed without further incident. Either way, going into Miramar’s airspace with F-18s in the pattern is not something I’d want to do.