2006 Flying Stats

Been another disappointing year, flying-wise. I had hoped to complete my Commercial rating but being out of work for three months killed that idea, can’t see it happening next year either right now. Anyway, here are the sorry statistics for the year 2006.

  • 15 daytime landings; 5 night landings
  • 12 approaches (all simulated)
  • 4.5 hours of instrument time (all simulated)
  • 2.4 hours of night flying
  • 13.0 hours total flight time

I read quite a few flying-related blogs but I’d like to single out the following for an extra special thank you this year for keeping me in the air vicariously: Big Country Flying, the IFR Pilot, and Pilot in Training (who we all look forward to celebrating her exam success next year).

5 thoughts on “2006 Flying Stats”

  1. Aw, gee, you shouldn’t have!!!

    Sorry for the short hours, but I understand the wrath of the almighty dollar.

    I haven’t added up my hours for the year yet, but it’s going to be a lot since I just started last December and I’m pushing 100hrs. I’ll be an out of work grad student this time next year, so I have to get the flying in while I can. I’m going to be looking for a safety pilot to bag some hood time, so I amy be dropping you a line.

    Until then…

    Merry Christmas and Cheers,

  2. Ditto to BC… And thanks for your note about expanding limits.

    You averaged more than an hour a month, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s better than none, right? Husband (vectors to final) had to take 6 or 7 years off during college and the beginnings of his career due to money and time. He hated it. It was about 2 1/2 years ago that he decided it was time to go again and so did his IFR and complex training. Your time will come again!

    I’ll see if I can sweet-talk Santa into bringing you more air time next year…

    Happy Holidays!

  3. K, thanks for talking to Santa for me… now if you could get him to leave an SR-22 under the tree, also….. have a great christmas.

  4. Husband would be soooooo mad if I let Santa bring you one without bringing one for him! I wonder how rich Santa is….

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