Commercial Pilot Pre-Reqs

Messing with some $$$ figures this weekend, the possibility of completing my Commercial came up so I thought I would check on what I still need to do (other than the not insignificant task of being up to PTS standards!).

  • 250 hours of flight time… done
  • 10 hours of instrument training… done
  • 10 hours of complex training… done
  • day VFR dual flight… done
  • night VFR dual flight… to do
  • solo day VFR flight… done
  • 5 hours solo night VFR… done (9.1 hrs)
  • 10 night takeoffs and landings at a controlled field… done (19)
  • written exam… done, but expired

If I can get my CFI to do the night flight in the next few weeks, I might schedule a weekend course with Sheble Aviation in the summer and try to do it that way. I know a few people who have done many ratings with them and I hear nothing but good things about them.

On a final note, you may have noticed a change in how the blog looks. I’ve added some personal images to the header and will be changing the sidebar over this week. I really hated that dreary grey I had before.

2 thoughts on “Commercial Pilot Pre-Reqs”

  1. You and I appear to be in the same place. I checked the last item off last Friday. Now if I could just verbalize aerodynamics the way I understand them…

    Good luck getting your night CC done, and bummer about having to re-take the written.


  2. Thanks for the good luck wish, I have a night CC scheduled for the end of the month, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

    One good thing about retaking the written is that it forces me to revise all the things I should already know and, based on a practice test last night, I’ve since forgotten.

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