FAA Knowledge Tests Rant

I doubt I will find any dissenting opinions but I wonder just what is the point of the knowledge test. I understand that is supposed to test one’s knowledge of some aspect of what it takes to get a rating and I would be fine with that if it wasn’t for the way the questions are posed. More often than not the question is written with the aim of tricking you, rather than testing. Having to choose between NM and SM (I can never remember which one is used for what) might be a good question academically but when I’m in the air I doubt there are many who can tell if they have a 3 mile SM or NM view from the cockpit.

When I took my Commercial written 3 years ago I got a 92. I haven’t picked up the books yet but my practice tests with both Sporty’s and Gleim (my Gleim must be out of date as it has no ILS questions) are getting a steady low 80 score, so still plenty of work to do. Mostly I am missing weather questions, and HSI/RMI questions with a random mistakes elsewhere. Once I am consistently scoring in the 90s I’ll schedule an exam.