2.3 Hours of Sim Time

Went to the airport first thing this morning to catch up on my instrument currency in the club’s Frasca 142. Two point three hours later my currency is extended 6 months:

  1. Montgomery Field to Brown Field, VOR approach and full missed approach
  2. LOC approach at Gillispie, usual missed approach (as opposed to the published)
  3. VOR approach at Oceanside, including extra holds, full missed approach
  4. ILS approach at Carlsbad
  5. VOR approach to Brown Field, partial panel to missed approach
  6. LOC approach to Montgomery Field and full stop landing

Quite a work out but the good news was that my skill and knowledge were still pretty sharp, didn’t make very many mistakes (well, that my CFII caught!). I’m now all caught up except for night currency which will come this week or next depending on the weather.