Welcome to leftturnwhenable

Welcome to leftturnwhenable.us, my personal blog for flying and flying-related activity. Mostly I anticipate it being trip reports, hopefully some trip videos, interesting articles on flying, anything I want, really.

The site started out as a sub-domain of my personal blogging website and the old posts can still be found at flying.guapacha.com. Over time I will move the old trip diaries and training diaries to this site. I was going to move the old posts but have decided to leave them there.

I can’t say there will always be something interesting here but I hope on occasion there will be something you find of interest. Comments are always appreciated!

Thanks. Paul.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to leftturnwhenable”

  1. We’ll have to monitor your hours and be sure to celebrate when you get to 300. I had no idea how close that is — nor that you have 375 landings — seems a lot, doesn’t it? I like the look also. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your video from MYF to IPL then BWC. I am a private pilot as well (received license at Newport News Intl, VA June 9th, 2007) now stationed here in NAF El Centro (Air Traffic Control). My wife, Staci, whom works at ICOE, sent me your link. But of course, I have no plane and I see that the nearest airports to rent planes are in Yuma, Thermal and San Diego. I want to fly but there is nothing here?? Do you live in Brawley? Thanks!!

  3. Ooops!! I accidentally misspelled my email address (forgot the “s”) from my previous comment. Thanks.

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