Our Flying Club Lost a Plane

Last night whilst browsing the club’s online scheduling website I noticed that one of the Beechcraft 76’s was in maintenance with the tag “aircraft totally destroyed”. I did some digging around and, sure enough, on October 4 2008 N6013X was substantially damaged whilst landing on a private airstrip in Eloy, AZ.

I am glad to see that the pilot was unharmed, sad to see that we lost half of our twin Beechcraft fleet and I wonder what this will do to the club’s insurance next year. The penalty for any accident in the club is that you have to write an account and lessons learned for the next newsletter, so it will be interesting to get his view of what happened.

4 thoughts on “Our Flying Club Lost a Plane”

  1. I’m really sorry to read that. Glad that the pilot was unharmed. Let us know when more information will become available, there’s certainly something to learn…

  2. I too am sorry that the aircraft was destroyed and glad that the pilot is ok.

    When available and if appropriate to do so, would like to re-publish the article from the club newsletter on askacfi.com. Hopefully the lesson(s) learned would be something we can all benefit from.

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