Commercial Pilot Diary

Having made it through my Private rating and Instrument add-on, I thought it would be fun to add turn my Private certificate into a Commercial one. The Commercial course is very much like the Private except that you must demonstrate being able to fly a complex plane and show off some extra manuevers that require a higher degree of skill to keep the plane upright and pointing forward.

What can you do with a commerical rating? Well, not a whole lot actually. Obviously you can get paid to fly but you have to be careful how you go about that as if you look to the FAA like you are a commercial air carrier then you need to play by a whole set of new rules. You can however give limited sightseeing flights, do crop dusting, bird scaring and, with the extra endorsement, give flight training.

What will I do with it? Probably nothing until I go for my flight instructor rating. Note that I haven’t finished this training yet and I haven’t documented much of what I have done so far.

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