Messy Instrument Clearance Readback

I didn’t actually get to take the flight so there is no more to this video than what you see and hear here. Not my finest radio transmission but it wasn’t until I was driving to work that I realised why the controller was being so picky about the readback. Anyway, for no reason other than I have it to post, here’s a little video of me asking for, and getting, a tower en route clearance from San Diego’s Montgomery Field to Carlsbad’s Palomar airport.

2 thoughts on “Messy Instrument Clearance Readback”

  1. I had to think about it until my brain bled before I realized that “left turn 270” has two possible meanings.

  2. Clearances are tough to copy. I use a little paper form when I get an IFR clearance. It helps me with ATC’s clearance instructions and minimizes the writing required.

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