2011 Aviation Goals

It’s the end of the year again and time to lay out what I hope to get done next year. It’s hard to imagine but last year was an even worse year for flying than 2009, so I really hope to do better in 2011. We’ll see.

  • Fly more freakin’ hours! – will be hard not to unless I give up completely
  • Take some great video – can’t promise great but if I fly, I will film
  • Get and stay current in everything, VFR day/night, IFR, low wing/high wing, complex – harder that it seems
  • Go on some interesting cross countries – looking at you Big Bear and Sedona
  • Make at least one Angel Flight mission as Command Pilot – my natural shyness and hesitation for new things probably makes this unlikely
  • Get started on one major kit on the plane build – wings or fuselage, time and money will dictate this
  • Give some first flights, one person I know has been waiting 5 years for me to take her up
  • Win the AOPA Sweepstakes plane – out of my hands

Alright, that seems like enough. For once, no new ratings or checkouts. Wishing all my readers a safe 2011.