Commercial Training Status

Last week I officially resumed my quest for the Commercial Pilot ASEL certificate (or is it a licence, I can never remember). With my trusty CFI, we spent some time in the practice area in the 172RG and then some landings back at Montgomery Field, just brushing the cobwebs off, really. Anyway, it went pretty well all things considered and it’s time to revisit the requirements and my progress towards them; see them after the break.
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Medical Done For Another 2 Years

Just back from my medical, 3rd class certificate in hand, done for another 2 years. Of course when I get my Commercial in a month or two it means I won’t be able to exercise the privileges unless I go back for a 2nd class.

Last time when I got weighed I was horrified and said that I would be significantly lighter this time around: I was 4 lbn heavier. Sigh. Next time, I hope.

Other downside is that my 20/20 vision is failing me, down to 20/25 or a little bit better this time. Turning 40 really was a bitch!

Anyway, glad to have that done again.

Medical Time

My medical expires this month, and I always procrastinate on setting it up. I’m yet to meet an AME that I liked much, other than one in Palm Springs who was a blast but that’s a drive away.  Most of what I hate is the urine test because I am always afraid that I’ll be found to be diabetic. No history of it in my family or anything but I get blood sugar drops a lot when I don’t eat regulary so I wonder.

Even though I am about to restart my COM rating I think I’ll just renew 3rd class as usual.