If the early morning clouds lift today I plan a short hop to French Valley for PIC and night currency this afternoon. First thing this morning, I logged onto DUATS to take a peek at NOTAMs etc, put in my departure time as 1600 PDT…. and I notice that all the surface observations have a reported time later than it is right now. Hmmm….. a little asking around and who would have thought that PST meant Pacific Standard Time, rather than Pacific Summer Time?! Ok, so every American would!

In my defence, in the UK we have BST which is British Summer Time so all this time I’ve been in CA (about 6 years) I’ve thought that PST was summer and PDT was winter. And all that time my DUATS-filed flight plans have been off by an hour!

2 thoughts on “PST vs PDT”

  1. Did you stop for dinner, or was it an up and back? They have some of the best airport cafe food in SOCAL (beats the heck out of Flo’s in Chino).

  2. The plan was to stop for dinner, do some stop and goes for night currency and then come back. But… I got out of work late and when I got to the airport the landing light was broken and the interior panel lights were also inop. So I scratched, will try again tomorrow with a different plane.

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