Commercial Written Passed!

Yes, I passed with a 91%!! Many questions I had not seen during my practice runs so I was anticipating a mid-80s score when I walked out, so I’m pretty happy. I had 9 subject codes on the sheet:

  • A20 Part 61 Certification – can only think of a SIC question but surely I got that right?
  • H912 Aerodynamics Forces Acting on a Plane – can only think this was about ground effect
  • H928 Powerplant – possibly to do with the geometric pitch of the prop
  • H948 Performance Charts – ack, what a waste, they should be easy!
  • H989 Radio Navigation – bet that was an HSI question
  • I22 Atmospheric Pressure – probably a density altitude question, I forgot the formula
  • I31 Common IFR Producers – damn advection fog question grrr
  • I32 High Altitude Weather – jet stream question, I knew where it was but not if it was weaker or stronger
  • J29 Potential Flight Hazards

All my pre-reqs are complete save for the most important one – flying to PTS standards.

5 thoughts on “Commercial Written Passed!”

  1. Thanks! I’m quite pleased, really didn’t think I would squeeze into the 90s. I took it at San Diego Flight Training, just across from Gibbs.

  2. Yes, impressive score.
    Now let’s get going on the “flying to PTS standards” 🙂

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