Pondering Some Training

I’ve been thinking recently about whether to finish my Commercial rating or not. I have a year left on my written test so I have time to make up my mind but it feels like I should either get it done now, or abandon it for good. Ultimately the COM rating is pointless, I don’t plan on becoming a paid-to-fly pilot, part-time CFI would be nice but I doubt very much I’d ever get around to it. Now, chicks possibly dig it, but my wife wouldn’t like that much. So I wonder if it’s worth the money?

Perhaps the money would be better spent on a checkout in one of the club’s G1000-equipped 172s? The future of aviation is all-glass, we’ll increasingly see more of these kind of planes in the club so this would be something I’d probably use. Except that the rentals are crazy – $143 for the G1000 C172 compared to say $100 for the steam gauge version. Since I don’t have unlimited dollars for flying I’d rather fly 3 hs for my $300 than just 2, but do so in style. So maybe this would be a worthless checkout, too, if I would never fly the G1000. And, I bet you have to work hard to stay current in it, too.

Another option would be to go do a sea plane rating. Totally pointless but probably a lot of fun for a weekend.

Or I could just save my money for a decent cross country trip or, a tank of gas for my car?

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