Commercial Training Status

Last week I officially resumed my quest for the Commercial Pilot ASEL certificate (or is it a licence, I can never remember). With my trusty CFI, we spent some time in the practice area in the 172RG and then some landings back at Montgomery Field, just brushing the cobwebs off, really. Anyway, it went pretty well all things considered and it’s time to revisit the requirements and my progress towards them; see them after the break.

  • 250 hrs total time – yep
  • 50 hours cross country – yep
  • dual day VFR flight of more than 100NM – yep
  • dual night VFR flight of more than 100NM – yep
  • solo cross country flight of more than 300MN – yep
  • 5 hr night VFR including 10 take offs and landings at a towered airport – I think so
  • Knowledge test passed – yes, 96% (yea for Gleim!)
  • Normal takeoff and landing – landings not quite there
  • Short field take off and landing – landings almost there
  • Soft field take off and landing – landings not there at all
  • Power Off 180 degree emergency landing – Feeling good about these
  • Go around – No problem
  • Steep Turns – hated these on the Private but love them now
  • Steep Spiral – not there yet
  • Chandelles – almost there
  • Lazy Eights – no way, no how!
  • Eights on Pylons – not quite
  • Slow Flight – I love flying at MCA
  • Power Off Stalls – probably just about ok
  • Power On Stalls – still scared of these
  • Prepared for oral exam – nooooo

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