New Year Resolutions

I didn’t do much flying this year, the sorry events back home had the hobby on the back burner, so next year I need to get back into it. Therefore I am setting myself the following goals (in no particular order though clearly some things are more important than others):

  • fly more often well we’d all like to do that I’m sure!
  • sort out my landing technique flying more might achieve this but I still have issues with flaring too high or landing too flat
  • finish my Commercial I was about halfway through it this year and I would like to complete it, going to have to retake the written again as it expires in Feb
  • take a long trip I think there is a lot of experience to be gained from planning and executing a week long trip, somewhere new and unfamiliar
  • be current all the time no more losing any of the currencies

We’ll see how well I do.

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